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  1. Jordi Manauta

    Jordi Manauta

    Born in Mexico City, Jordi Manauta graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC) with major grants. He continued his postgraduate studies in operative and aesthetic dentistry, earning a master’s degree from the International University of Catalonia (UIC) in Barcelona, Spain. Disciple of Miguel Tames (Mexico City) and Walter Devoto (Italy), he has developed and currently is developing various materials and instruments for aesthetic dentistry, dental colorimetry and photography in collaboration with international companies. He is visiting lecturer in Siena universitiy and scientific consultant for two European journals. Dr. Manauta is member of Styleitaliano study group since 2008. He is author of the book Layers (Quintessence 2012) and Layers2 (Quintessence 2022) and is author and coauthor of many publications in international journals, Dr Manauta is an ambassador of Greenviu and is frequently invited as a lecturer in aesthetic and operative dentistry.
  2. Valentin Vervack

    Valentin Vervack

    Valentin Vervack recieved his Dental degree in 2013 from Ghent University(Belgium) after which he started working in several private clinics around Ghent. In 2017 he opened his own clinic together with his father and wife, where he practices mainly general dentistry with a passion for restorative, Microscope enhanced & esthetic denitistry. Dr. Vervack always stayed connected to Ghent University for research on digital and indirect restorative dentistry. He has since then published several papers and is currently planning to present his PhD dissertation by the end of 2022. Dr. Vervack came in contact with the Style Italiano group after being one of the laureats in their posterior composite contest in 2018 and following the Daily Menu course. He joined the Style Italiano group as a Silver member in 2021. He is a frequent speaker at national and international events and is co-founder of the Belgian continuous education center of Dental Bootcamp where he leads in several hands-on focused workshops and lectures.

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